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At Rock my Resume, we help job seekers build a foundation to start their job search. We offer career strategizing, interview coaching, career development coaching, LinkedIn optimization services, and provide you with the contact details for targeted decision-makers in your industry.

Our team of industry experts have been doing this for many years, using the most advanced methods to optimize your resume. Rock my Resume offers a quick and easy process that will only take 30 minutes of your time. We provide customized resumes for each customer. Whether you want to build your resume from scratch or need it refined only, our dedicated team will offer you the best service possible.

Resume Sample

Before we start building the resume we will schedule a 30-minute introduction call. On this call, we gather specific information about the targeted position which is needed to build the optimal resume with the most relevant content. We discuss previous job positions, achievements, and criteria for the ideal company. We capture the desired traits for the targeted position and try to match those to your skills and signature strengths. After we build your resume we will optimize it, keeping these two very important factors in mind.

Application Tracking System

Application Tracking System
  • Our signature format
  • Customized research for each order
  • Integrate keywords from our research
  • No colors or fancy designs
  • Standard font which is easily recognizable
  • Thorough check on spelling and grammar

Hiring Manager / Decision-Maker

Hiring Manager
  • Build an executive summary that will make you stand out
  • Create a strong impression by using powerful action verbs
  • Highlight and emphasizing your achievements and accolades
  • Generate a coherent resume with detailed information
  • Tailor your resume for the targeted companies

LinkedIn Optimization

LinkedIn optimization

LinkedIn has changed the way people network and communicate, but it also is a very popular tool companies use to find talent. The best way to find a career, is to have a career find you. Your LinkedIn profile is like your public resume that can be accessed at any time of the day by recruiters and hiring managers. The traditional way of applying for vacant positions online can be time consuming and ineffective. Recruiters and headhunters are always looking for people with a specific background and experience. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile will allow them to find you more easily. Once they have found you, your profile also needs to stand out with the content. It may seem like a lot, but after a 30-minute call with one of our experts you be aware of what precisely needs to be changed in order to improve your overall appearance.

Career Coaching

Our company provides job seekers and business professionals with an affordable way to get great advice. Our proven coaching methods are meant to guide and mentor our customers, and not to provide them with specific answers to common questions. Instead, we present them with the tools which help them formulate an answer for themselves. Every coaching session is different, and we enjoy learning about our customer’s experience and background before we move forward with the coaching.

Interview Coaching

Interviewing is one of the most underrated skills for business professionals. If you are in the right place at the right time, you can make an impression on someone that can potentially hand you the keys to success. Our interview coaching consists of detailed information regarding the best interview practices. We provide customized coaching for each customer individually.

Job Search Strategizing

Understanding how to find a job is great, but positioning yourself to have a job find you is even greater. Our experts will disclose precisely what steps will get you directly connected to the desired companies and decision-makers. Our team of experts are here to teach you how to find the most relevant vacant positions and build your own list of prospect companies.

Career Strategizing

Making a career change? Switching industries? Or simple trying to return to civilian life after military service? In any case, we are here to help guide you in the right direction focusing on things that will bring you fulfillment and match those with your experience and personal strengths.

Executive Coaching

Our skillful coaches can offer a fresh perspective to overcome obstacles and offer different solutions. Everyone needs assistance sometimes. To ensure leaders are fully engaged at work to maintaining high-performance levels we offer coaching that is meant to maximize productivity and effectiveness. Each employee needs guidance occasionally, even top executives.

Connecting with decision-makers

Our company offers a unique service that helps improve the chances of landing your job and grow your network. Using the criteria that given us during the introduction call, our headhunters will find decision-makers and hiring managers are relevant specifically for you. We compile them into a list and send it to your email. We use the current information that is relevant only for that specific customer.

In the spreadsheet, we include the company name, individual name, position, phone number, email, location, personal LinkedIn, company LinkedIn, company website, and a link to a vacant position.

All of our premium packages come with this list of decision makers and every list is different based on the customers needs. 


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